Orphanage Foundation

We  Empowering Orphans know that people deep down want to make a real difference in the world. Most just don’t know how. That’s why we focus on empowering generous donors, like you, to look out for orphans and orphanage foundation who have no one else.

Child Help Foundation

Many children are in orphanages because their families are poor and can’t afford to feed or educate them. This is no reason to be institutionalized. To address this, we partner with key organizations to strengthen communities and families—to keep children out of institutions.

We train, educate and equip orphanages in their transformation process from orphanage to Center for Excellence. Centers for Excellence offer community support in a variety of ways, creating a path for children to remain or reunite with their birth families, or to find a loving home through kinship care, foster care, adoption and other family care options.

We work with a “Child First” approach to provide a loving home, a quality education and a promising future to each and every orphan. Because when you bring together those who have, with those who have not—miracles happen.

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The Problem

There are 8 million orphans living in institutions, according to UNICEF. Many of them live in orphanages with deplorable conditions, where their most basic needs are not met. The children are often hungry, scared, confused and lonely.

Most institutional orphanage foundation are overcrowded and dilapidated, some rife with corruption, neglect and abuse. Even when managed by people with good intentions, orphanages often lack the necessary funds, resources and knowledge to properly provide children care.

That’s why we meticulously evaluate orphanages on the 12 Rights of the Child and transition them into Centers for Excellence. This gives the children a safe, loving place to thrive until they transition to family care. It’s time we let the world’s orphans—and their caregivers—know we’ve got high expectations for them. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in their lives by empowering each and every one of them to reach their full potential.
Change an orphan’s life today. Become a monthly donor and help us fund all the orphans we support. With just $50 or $100 per month you can help make a miracle for each of these precious children.

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Our Goal

The ultimate goal of the Miracle orphanage foundation is to find a loving family for every orphaned child. That means we explore every avenue to reunite children with a parent or relative, if possible. In fact, we have reunited approximately 25% of our children with families. We do this by allocating resources to more effectively facilitate family-based care options, including adoption, and working with the community to ensure that excellent family support services are in place.

While a child is in transition to a family, we guarantee:

  •  Care and love 
  •  A quality education
  •  A safe and loving environment
  •  Personalized care so they are healthy and “known”

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“This money which met us at the right time was used in supporting some 23 kids who are in secondary school for their transportation to school and partly used in providing some nutrition to the babies below 10 years”
Mbah Fritz- Administrative Assistant
(HOTPEC Orphanage- Cameroon)

“The children have received these funds in the form of clothing, personal hygiene and will also be paying the school fees of five children for the rest of the year”
Hein Myburgh-Director
(Mukuyu Outreach- Zambia)

“Through generous donations from our sponsors like you, Christian Veterinary Missions of Canada has been able to help care for the children of Wellington Orphanage, helping to provide necessary food, income and provisions through the Sierra Leone Poultry Project”
Rachel Scott-Administrative Assistant
(Wellington orphanage – Sierra Leone)

Care And Love Orphanage:

“We are using the donation to purchase 15 Tins of SMA Gold milk for the babies in our care. Right now our major need is funds for the education of our children; it will be extremely helpful if the foundation can take up the sponsorship of some of our children in the university”
Rev. Mrs. Dele George / Founder
(Little Saints Orphanage – Nigeria)

Kids Orphanage Foundation

“We greatly appreciate your effort and God richly bless you all. We planned to use the donation to sup-port our fundraising for our new building but because there wasn’t sufficient food in the orphanage, the money was used to purchase food stuff and other necessities”
Francis Adu / Director
(Love Kids Orphanage Foundation – Ghana)

“Your donation helped with the medical expenses that we have to fund in tackling illnesses such as Malaria, TB and AIDS/HIV among the children but especially those who have just entered the security of footprints”
Kevin Curtis / Trustee
(Footsprings Orphanage – Kenya)

“The recent donation and future donations received from OKHF will go towards the classroom addition on our school building project that is underway as of February 2011. The mission that is located in Gbarnga, Liberia with your help will continue to grow to benefit the Liberian children in our surrounding community”
Debra Mace / Founder
(Mission of hope orphanage – Liberia)

“The donations that we received help us to cover the expensive shipping costs of goods, travel costs for experts to share their knowledge in the field, housing and food for our orphanages, utility bills, Communication costs and logistical support that is critical to keep these programs operating effectively. We are humbled by your generosity”
Rev. Jean- Claude Atusameso / Founder
(Jatukik Providence Foundation – Congo)